Lesson 15

Project II

Create an application which allows to do the puzzle:

Windows' specification

First window: Main menu which allows to start the game.

Game window: divide the window using criss cross (m×n). One rectangle needs to be empty, the rest is filled with parts of an image. User can change the location of a puzzle by switching it with the empty spot (one can do this by pressing buttons or using mouse etc.). The window contains a timer which counts a time from the start until the puzzle is solved. Important: to receive the highest grade, the program has to cut the base image into smaller parts.

Window with information about the previous games (time included) (needs to be saved to a file).


Project grade consists of:

  • Compilation (no compilation means 0 points)
  • Clean code
  • Responsive application
  • Quality of used mechanisms for working with a file
  • Solving a problem of multi-threading
  • Answering questions while defending a project
  • Ability to modify a code while defending a project
  • Punctuality with submitting the project
  • Using JavaFx

Different project

Student can change the project but it has to be approved by a teacher.

New project has to have the similar level of difficulty as the project described above. It should use the similar amount of JavaFx.